Noble Activities

Sponsorship for one Rishikumar Education £251 (Yearly)   
Sponsorship for one Eye camp £301
Sponsorship for the upkeep of one cow at Kamdhenu Gaushala £151 (Yearly)
Yagnas can be performed for good health, family welfare, birthdays or marriage, anniversaries & in fond memories of loved ones for £101
Planting, watering and protection of one tree for £51

Gurukul Parivar also distribution following items to needy people,
Blankets for Winter, Footwear for Summer, Notebooks & School dresses to Blind & Orphan children.

All above Humanitarian activities carry out through out the year
By Gurukul Parivar at SGVP campus, Chharodi Ahmedabad.
For contribution please contact us on or 020 8838 4900

Urological Free Medical Camp Amreli

Urology Medical Camp, Rajkot

Uttara Khand Rehabilitation Project